How To Pick A Right Countertop

You have a handful of countertop options available in Ottawa. Not all the choices of granite countertops Ottawa are suitable to your requirement. The new advancements have provided different options in numerous colors, styles, textures, patterns and materials ranging from acrylic sheets and natural stone to stained concrete and quartz composite. The most popular countertop options are described in this article.

You want to select the countertop material after intense research and reading the customers review in online. is the right place to read the reviews shared by customers about different products including kitchen materials.

Natural stone is a common countertop option that includes soapstone, slate, and granite. Granite is high-end and expensive kitchen countertops, and it is a great natural stone countertop option. You have the choices to select from vibrant colors like blue, browns to deep red, mottled white, and midnight black. Slate and Soapstone material have only fewer options when compared to granite. Slate is a virtually free from maintenance and nonporous material. Soapstone is porous and must be covered with mineral oil to decrease staining.

Solid surfaces countertop materials are 100% polyester, 100% acrylic and the mixture of both. They are totally repairable and renewable, and they are repellant of scratches and stains. It is available in more than hundred different colors, and textures and most of them look like natural stone.

Plastic Laminate is a hardwearing and durable material that can survive for several years even in the toughest kitchen. It is available in sheets, and the prices differ based on the dimension of the sheet.

Ceramic tile is the right choice for secondary work surfaces like eat-at-counters, wet bars, peninsulas, and backsplashes. It is mostly applied above existing plastic laminate countertops or a plywood substrate. The cost varies depending on the tile selected and the difficulty in the installation process.

Popular Ecommerce And Web Development Solutions

Businesses through e-commerce have developed and succeeded by leaps and bounds. Technology at everybody’s fingertips has brought about revolutionary changes in business trends. Earlier media was used only for advertising and promoting businesses but the ever present internet makes round the clock business possible, reaching out globally. Competition is evident in every walk of life. Successful businesses need to survive and thrive amidst tough competition. A business needs to be on top of all others to be visible and approached by potential consumers.

While there are several platforms like Magento e-commerce, 3D cart, x cart, SitePoint, zen-commerce among many others, it is easy to get lost among the multitude businesses and software and plug-ins. Magento e-commerce and other high end and efficient e-commerce platform software can be so overwhelming that one might prefer employing web development solutions like Shopify or others to use the platform for utmost output. Magento is one platform that is preferred by well-established businesses and they are expensive. Magento offers specialized certified training courses for professionals who would like to have an edge on the software. These professionals help businesses to set up their business online via Magento e-commerce platform. You can search online with the phrase “Bing Digital – Magento Ecommerce” for affordable solutions to digitalise your business.

Magento e-commerce offers two different platforms for users. One platform is an open access community platform while the other is an enterprise platform. The community platform is more or less free and has a wide Magento community of users. The Magento community has a large group of users who have tried the platform and know of additional plug-ins that might be required to customize the platform to suit the business needs. Tech-savvy beginners should be able to customize their own platform according to brand and preferred shop front. The Magento community offers third party plug-ins and software to enable maximum customization of the platform.

Magento community may sound more like a DIY project but it might be the right kind of adventure for a tech savvy person. Magento community offers a great knowledge database, Magento wiki, forums and consulting services that guide the beginner in creating a website on the platform to suit their own needs and brand.

Magento enterprise is a paid platform with greater functionality. Web development on Magento enterprise will require a professional and it also provides these services. The software requires a lot of detailing and is best looked into by a professional so as to get the best out of it. Magento enterprise has an additional benefit of mobile commerce over Magento community.

Magento offers a solid platform along with all essential services like search engine optimization, shopping, selling, shipping and tracking orders. Other than these common services it also provides market analysis, mobile commerce and reports traffic monitoring, sales, most viewed, search term reports and best-selling products. It allows for discounting products, coupon codes and newsletters. Mobile commerce isn’t available to the Magento community users but is available to enterprise users. Although Magento offers its own servers but the users are free to choose from among other servers.