Doing Well by Doing Good: Collingwood Law Firm’s Social Responsibility

Every industry works based on its own terms and conditions and varying profits. But today Corporate Social Responsibility is unavoidable for any business. The ethics of the business is to help the country and society to get well in terms of social issues based on their profit and budget. The CSR concentrates on environment, community development, employee welfare and human rights.
Based on the budget a firm spends, the activity and the donation vary. Law firms are also not exempted from CSR. The ultimate aim of CSR is to do something useful to the people, society and environment as a part of business. You may read this content to see how CSR has an impact on every aspect of society.
Residents of Canada need not worry as they have the best law firm working for the community. Law firms learn a lot from the CSR program. It is a mutually beneficial activity for both the law firm and the community. These activities directly help in increasing the business by making the firm well known among the general public. This strengthens the company’s market position and reputation. The CSR activity gives more meaning to the business. Also it helps in expanding your business by creating a strong brand name via social activities. The CSR law rule is to be generous, donate time, donate money, be concerned and donate effort. You will soon find out that the result of your activity as giving is in turn receiving. People are the products at law firms. The CSR here is to provide legal service along with contributing valuable talent, money and time.

Focus and strategy

The law firm needs to focus and strategize their social ideas in order to reach their customers. If not promoted well, even the best idea could fail. The efforts of the CSR need to be authentic. You must make sure that your law firm’s unique skill and culture determine the effort. As people being the product of the firm, it would be good if you focus on something related to family. You can concentrate on activities related to culture and others. Focusing on employee retention, satisfaction and recruitment related benefits are remarkable.

Every not for profit organization needs a law firm in order to maintain their legal issues and so they need legal advice. Focusing on charity services would create a good name for the firm.

Law firms can also concentrate on corporate investment. CCIN is an association to manage community investments in setting profits.

The law firms along with some corporate companies created a unique platform to manage their CSR activities, their giving and spending. This is in order to get deducted from various taxes.

Good policies make good decisions

The policies include five levels of strategic planning in order to enjoy the benefits of good policies.

Level 1- Its efforts are directed on the core product
Level 2- It focuses on the strategic partnership with long term solutions.
Level 3- This includes strategic ideas to assist the projects and programs for the non-profit organizations.
Level 4- This works on responsible giving for the local available communities and to support them.
Level 5- includes one day campaign that includes refreshments and awareness that includes dinner, golf tournaments, races and events.